Resources & Tips


Track-It Work Order System:

A new work order should be entered for every problem requiring support. Enter only one work order per issue. Detailed instructions on how to do this will be provided through your school site.

Technology Help Desk:

  • 760-848-1185
    • This line is for employee support ONLY
    • Enter a work order prior to contacting the help desk and have your work order number ready

Printer Support:

Do not enter a work order for printer issues. Contact printer support via:

  • 1-800-336-1642
    • Look for the following label and provide SN when requested over the phone or where prompted on the website

Image Source Label

Apple Support

  • Apple Support for Education Customers: 1-800-800-2775 option 3
  • For valuable iPad or Mac tutorials please refer to the following site


All iPads need to be enrolled in Airwatch. Instructions on completing this process will be provided through your school site.


This is our Electronic Form Submission System (Vacation Requests, etc…). You can logon to it using the same user name and password used for email and your computer.

District webpage 

Here you will find district announcements along with links to additional staff resources like Webmail, ABI Attendance & Grades, etc…

Tips/Best Practices

  • Do not leave the projector on while not in use to maximize lamp life
  • When experiencing issues reboot the system prior to submitting a work order or calling the help desk
  • When submitting a work order be as specific as possible
  • Do not move printers from current locations or network drops
  • Phones are assigned to you. If you change classrooms within the same site take the phone with you.
  • Contact site attendance clerk for all issues logging in to ABI