Welcome Back and Happy New Year!
Welcome Back and Happy New Year!
Posted on 01/12/2015
One of America's greatest Presidents said it best when he said, " We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

Let us keep those words in our hearts and minds as we challenge the status quo and continue our "Journey toward Educational Excellence!" At CVUSD we are paving the way for educational success and we do so courageously! We are training parent leaders, student leaders, teacher leaders and administrators in the principles of continuous improvement, collaboration and servant leadership! We are innovating and creating like never before! We are fearless in the pursuit of ways and means to ensure that CVUSD students are prepared for College, Career and Citizenship! 

While we are not perfect, we seek perfection and it is a journey well taken by those who are collaborative and by those who believe that our students will not be denied successful opportunities in life if we remain united and focused! 

As I have stated before, we have accomplished so much in CVUSD because of our "Collaboration, Determination and Team Work" and those accomplishments are being acknowledged locally, statewide and even from the White House! 

From Digital Promise League of Innovative School membership to now a special invitation to participate in the President's upcoming Future Ready Summits, CVUSD is at the table! And I promise you this is just the beginning of our continued pursuit to galvanize and include CVUSD and all CVUSD stakeholders in our journey forward!
The Future is Bright at CVUSD and no one or nothing will diminished and slow our path and our commitment to achieve educational excellence as we continue to prepare our students for College, Career and Citizenship and a better life! Happy New Year Everyone! Upward and Onward! Have a great week everyone!

CVUSD: Preparing Students for College, Career and Citizenship! 
CVUSD: On the Cutting Edge of 21st Century Education!
CVUSD: Learning and Leading Forward!
CVUSD: United in our Pursuit of Educational Excellence!
CVUSD: Upward and Onward in 2015!
Dr. Darryl Adams
Superintendent of Schools and Servant Leader
Coachella Valley Unified School District
"Learning and Leading Forward"
"First School District in the Nation to Provide an iPad for Every Student from Preschool through High School"
Member - "Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools"
Member - "Apple Distinguished Schools" Program
CVUSD Superintendent Named by the White House and US Department of Education as one of the Top 100 Innovative Superintendents in the Nation