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Important Information Regarding Transitional Kindergarten
Kindergarten Readiness Act of 2010

Effective for the 2012-2013 school year, your child must have his or her 5th birthday on or before November 1st, 2012 to qualify for Kindergarten.

Transitional kindergarten, which will be phased in throughout California starting in the fall of 2012, is an opportunity to provide the early foundations for school success for those children turning 5 years old between September and December. The first year of a two year kindergarten experience, transitional kindergarten provides a bridge between preschool and traditional kindergarten.

For the 2012 – 2013 school year,

CVUSD plans to enroll all students whose 5th birthday falls on or before November 1, 2012 in Kindergarten.

CVUSD plans to enroll at students whose 5th birthday falls between November 2 and December 2, 2012 in Transitional Kindergarten.

All sites will enroll all students locally and the district will send information after enrollment to the students in the TK group informing parents of the two year kindergarten program.

For the 2012-13 school year, TK and Kindergarten classes may be combined. For the 2013-14 school year, the Kindergarten students will receive the new California Common Core curriculum.

Science and Math Day at the Auto Club Speedway
Twenty eighth grade students from Cahuilla Desert Academy and Bobby Duke Middle School participated in Science and Math Day at the Auto Club Speedway. See slideshow below.
College, Career & Community!


Hats off to the UCSD team for a great start in promoting their university. This is a wonderful example of what is possible. I look forward to everyones efforts this afternoon. Update: Shirts have been ordered and will be here before the 3/30 university pep rally.

Keep in mind that Tina, Amelia and the ladies at the front office are available to provide color copies of images (photo paper is being ordered), poster paper printing, poster boards, lamination, ordering promotional items etc. Let us know your needs!

Thank you everyone for your ongoing efforts on a daily basis as well as the promotion of the Three "C's"


District Science Fair

Many sites have been buzzing with science family nights over the past few weeks. Student and parent participation at these events have been phenomenal. The main attraction at these events has been science experiments that can be used by students for the science fair. Students have the option of working in a group or individually on their projects. No matter what and how they chose to explore their concepts, they often find the experience engaging and rewarding. The CVUSD District Science Fair offers all K-12 students the opportunity “to do” science as scientists. Join us at the CVUSD Science Fair Award Ceremony at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, March 14th in the Taj Mahal Building at the Riverside County and National Date Festival Fair Grounds to celebrate with our students and families. Science Rules!

Larry Bell's 12 Powerful Words and UNRAAVEL

We are rolling out new test prep strategies created by Larry Bell. Be on the lookout for students who know the Twelve Powerful Words, and how to UNRAAVEL difficult reading and math problems. Teachers who have attended the training at their sites are optimistic about supporting students with these strategies and watching test scores soar! “We are committed to supporting schools with these strategies because we are confident these strategies will have a positive impact on our test scores”, said Dr. Stella Kemp, Executive Director of Ed. Services. For more information, please contact Michelle Collins at 760 399-5137 (Ext. 408),