Touch-tone Telephone Procedures

Have your PIN (Social Security Number), Date(s) and timesand Reason for the absence information handy when you call SubFinder.

  1. Dial (866) 329-3762
  2. Enter your PIN number (Social Security number)
  3. From the Main Menu, choose option 1 - To Report an Absence)
  4. From the ABSENCE MENUpress:

Press 1 - For all day today

Press 2 - For all day the next work day

Press 3 - To enter specific dates and times

  1. Once you enter your absence, SubFinder would prompt you for the reason of the absence. Choose the appropriate reason followed by pound (#).
  2. Wait for the JOB NUMBER before DISCONNECTING OR the absence may not be recorded.

SubfinderOnline Procedures

Press the link located at the bottom of this page for SubfinderOnline internet access; enter your last name and password, and follow the directions below:

  1. Click Report Absence located at the left side of the screen
  2. Enter the start/end dates of your absence (enter specific time if it differ from your normal work times)
  3. Select Absence Reason form the drop menu
  4. Select Job Type from the drop menu (if you choose Prearranged/Requested Substitute; the system would ask you for either the substitute ID Number, employee number or substitute’s name)
  5. Confirmed Add Job
  6. You will see the JOB NUMBER on the top of the screen which means you successfully reported an absence and it would ask if you want to leave special instructions for the substitute (make sure to save job message if you opted to leave instructions).

If any problems reporting your absence via telephone or SubfinderOnline please contact one of the ladies below:

  • CLASSIFIED - Maricela Reyes at (760) 848-1092
  • CERTIFICATED - Jasmine Persaud at (760) 848-1090