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Please stop by the Library and support your PTO by Purchasing the Gift of Reading at Our Scholastic Book Fair December 8, 2014 - December 12, 2014........Thank you

The  Coachella Valley Unified School District is proud to announce that Christopher’s Club House will collaborate with the school district and make available free presentations on School Safety given the recent incidents related to attempted student abductions in the eastern Coachella Valley.


All Coachella Valley Unified School District Schools will receive free School Safety Presentations from Christopher’s Club House.  These presentations are student friendly and will be in assembly form, tailored for each grade.


Superintendent, Dr. Darryl Adams stated, “We are taking measures to inform our community and ensure student safety.”


CVUSD encourages all parents to speak to their students about safety precautions they should take any time they are outside their home or school.


All students should be reminded to always walk in groups, not to talk to strangers and to report any suspicious person or activity to their parents, the police department and their school immediately.  



Beginning October 1, 2014

“Student Only” Campus

Due to safety concerns, our school will move forward with the implementation of having our campus become a “student only” campus in the mornings. As you may be aware, we have a large influx of adult traffic on our campus before the bell rings, and while we know the majority of the individuals are parents, we have no sure way of positively knowing who every individual is and what their motives are.  As a result, we are going to be restricting access to our campus starting on Wednesday, October 1. Only students will be allowed onto our campus. I understand this is a new practice and that it will take some time for us to transition into it, but we must move in this direction to improve student safety. Please take the next week to transition your children so they are able to independently walk to their destination in the mornings. Remind your children to visit the cafeteria to have breakfast and to then proceed to their designated play area. All gates will be manned by school personnel and we ask that you respect our new procedures in order for us to be successful in our implementation that will further support student safety.  If any of you are scheduled to volunteer in a classroom, please report to the office after 8:15 AM in order to register as a volunteer and gain access onto our school grounds. We are looking for parents that will support our transition. If you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer in the mornings, please check in the office to sign up.


I thank you in advance for your support and cooperation thus far. I know that by working together we will continue to have a great year! Please feel free to stop by the office if you have any questions or concerns.

Empezando el 1de octubre, 2014
“Alumnos Solamente”


Debido a razones de seguridad, nuestra escuela va a implementar una práctica nueva en donde nuestra escuela será para “alumnos solamente” por las mañanas.  Como quizás ya se dio cuenta, Tenemos a un gran número de adultos en nuestra escuela cada mañana, y sabemos que la mayoría de los adultos son padres de familia, pero no tenemos ninguna seguridad o garantía de quien son en verdad o cuales motivos tienen.  Como resultado, vamos a tener restricciones a las entradas de la escuela y solamente los alumnos podrán entrar empezando nuestro regreso de las vacaciones invernales, cuál será el día 1 de octubre. Empezando este día, solamente los alumnos podrán entrar a la escuela. Entiendo que es una práctica nueva y que se llevara tiempo para que nuestra transición funcione, pero si en realidad ponemos la seguridad de nuestros alumnos primero que todo, si se puede llevar acabo. Por favor de tomar las siguientes semana para enseñar a sus hijos la rutina de la mañana. Recuérdele que primero visite la cafetería para desayunar, y que luego continúe a su área designada para jugar mientras suena la campana. De nuevo, cada entrada a la escuela tendrá personal cuidando, y le pedimos que por favor respete nuestras nuevas prácticas para tener éxito en nuestra implementaciones nuevas y seguir apoyando la seguridad de nuestros alumnos. Si algunos de ustedes están programados en ayudar en algún salón, por favor de reportarse a la oficina después de las 8:15 AM para registrarse como voluntario y obtener acceso a la escuela.  Estamos buscando a padres interesados en ayudar con nuestros nuevos procedimientos. Si usted está interesado, por favor de visitar la oficina para inscribirse.


Les agradezco de antemano por su apoyo y cooperación. ¡Yo sé que el trabajar juntos nos va a dar mucho éxito! Si tiene alguna pregunta o preocupación, por favor de pasar a la oficina.


Yard Supervisors: hours begin at 7:45AM. Please DO NOT drop of students off prior to that. We have no supervision prior to this time.

School Hours: M, T Th, F 8:15AM instruction begins, 2:45 PM instruction ends. Early release days on the first and third Wednesday of each month, Instruction ends at 1:45PM

Office Hours: Office will be open at 7:45AM and will close at 3:45 PM. All students must be picked up before 3:15PM. On the first and third Wednesdays children must be picked up no later than 2:00 PM. If students are not picked up by this time we will have no choice but to contact the Riverside Sherriff’s Office due to the liability issue of children left unsupervised on campus.

Drop off and Pick up: Student drop of is on the North Side of the campus. Please remain in your car, please park single file on curb side no double file. If you need to enter the campus please park in the designated visitor parking area. Please do not have your child meet you in any other location other than the designated pick up and drop off location (by kinder buildings). Please whenever possible have your children ride the bus! This will go a long way in helping with the long traffic lines.

Walkers: If you walk to and from school please buddy up with a friend for safety.

ASES: ASES Classes begin after dismissal and ends at 6:00PM on the first and third Wednesday dismissal is at 4:45 PM

Uniform Policy: Saul Martinez is a Uniform School. Our uniform colors are White Top and Navy Bottoms.  We can also use gray tops and purple tops in lieu of white traditional shirt. Saul Martinez ASB sells uniform shirts in the office.

Play Field: The playing field is currently under construction. Please remind students to play safely.

Registrations are also being accepted on line see message below:

 If you are enrolling your child for the very first time within CVUSD, then use the Aeries AIR system to begin the process.



Online Registration is Now Available

Avoid the lines this year and register your students for school online!  If your student is returning to CVUSD then just login to the Parent Portal and complete the "Data Confirmation" process.  If you are enrolling your child for the very first time within CVUSD, then use the Aeries AIR system to begin the process.

If your child is returning to CVUSD, and you do not currently have a Parent Portal account, please contact your child's school for more information.

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