Migrant Education
Upon completion of the registration process, families of migrant students are contacted by the school’s migrant school service aid. The aide helps families locate and acquire needed health services and/or transportation to services, food, clothing, and other resources necessary to ensure the health and well being of the family and their children.

Through the migrant program, resource teachers provide academic and primary language support at some school sites. Migrant students are placed in a classroom with a teacher certified to teach English learners and may receive one-on-one or small group instruction outside the classroom with a resource teacher during school hours.

What is the Migrant Education Program?
The Migrant Education Program (MEP) is for the purpose of assisting students from migrant families to succeed in school. There are a number of organized, supportive activities designed to help migrant students achieve this goal.
Who qualifies for Migrant Education Program?
Only students from parents or families who have “migrated” away from this local area in search of farm work, packing shed work or to work in fisheries during the last three years qualify as migrant students. This applies whether employment was found or not. In addition, students from families who come to the area in search of farm work, also qualify.
Migrant Program Services
1. After school tutoring for students grades K-8 (at designated sites)
2. Emergency Medical assistance and referrals
3. In class student services by mini-corps students (at designated sites)
4. PASS program (credit recovery) for grades 9-12
5. Reading is Fundamental (RIF) free books K-12
6. Free trips to CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program) colleges (grade specific)
7. Parent trainings


Patricia Larios
Coordinator, Migrant and English Learner Programs


(760) 848-1190